12 Essentials to Stock Your Baking Pantry

For professional bakers, shopping for baking essentials is a constant process. From dough preparation to baking and display, there are multiple baking essentials that a professional baker needs in every step. To simplify the process, the best option one should try is to search for wholesale baking supplies. The main benefit of wholesale shops is that they sell everything in a large quantity under one roof at the best price. However, the task of choosing the best baking equipment may seem daunting. To make the task easier, here is a list of 12 baking essentials that professional bakers should prefer while stocking up on their pantry.

Baking Ingredients for Professionals:

  1. Food Coloring: It is a pigment that adds color to baked products when added in the right proportion. Food coloring comes in various forms such as icing gel colors, cocoa butter colors, oil candy colors, luster dust colors, powder colors, liquid colors- to name a few. A baker needs to understand the application of food colors before buying them
  1. Chocolates: Baking chocolates are essential ingredients for baking chocolate-flavored cakes, mousse, and desserts. Baking chocolates come in a huge variety such as couverture chocolate, compound chocolate, chocolate fillings, chocolate decoration, and cocoa
  1. Cold Glaze: For glazing cakes, mousses, desserts, and pastry products, a cold glaze is ideal. Some cold glazes can be added directly while some need to be diluted in water before adding. They are available in a variety of packaging and flavors.
  1. Extracts and Flavorings: Many professional bakers prefer food extracts and essence to craft baking delights. These can add to the taste and appearance of bakery products. Vanilla, orange, butterscotch, lemon, and mango are some commonly used flavors.
  1. Baking Flour: While all-purpose flour is a common ingredient for preparing a variety of foods, baking flour is used exclusively for baking products. It works as the main ingredient in soft baked goods. A good quality baking flour should pure white and free of any bran particles.
  1. Sugar and Salt: Castor sugar, icing sugar, sugar syrups, cinnamon sugar, and palm sugar are some common types of baking essentials to add a sweet taste. To prepare exotic savories, one can search for sea salt and other varieties of herbs and condiments. Some common herbs are chipotle, celery, Sichuan pepper, and rosemary.

Baking Equipment for Professionals:

  1. Measuring Cups and Spoons: To include precise amounts of various ingredients, a professional baker requires measuring cups and spoons. One can order measuring cups and spoon sets as wholesale baking supplies.
  1. Silicone Spatula: It works as a valuable tool for professional bakers. It is mostly used for scraping batter perfectly out of mixing bowls, folding ingredients together, and smoothing batters. A good quality silicone spatula should provide optimum heat resistance.
  1. Rolling Pin: To evenly flatten bakery dough, a rolling pin is a must-have for professional bakers as well as beginners. One needs it for preparing cookies, pie, pastry, pasta, and a host of other bakery products.
  1. Parchment Paper: A professional baker needs baking parchment paper to prevent cakes from sticking to the bottom of baking tins. A good quality baking parchment paper should be grease and moisture resistant.
  1. Cake Tins: A professional baker should have cake tins in a variety of sizes and shapes. The most popular cake tin is the 9 x 13 x 2-inch rectangular-shaped one.
  1. Cooling Rack: The most effective way of cooling cakes and cookies is by using a cooling rack. It prevents bakery products from getting soggy due to condensation. A single-layered cooling rack may not be sufficient for professional bakers. One can search for 3 tiered cooling racks to ensure a large capacity.


When it comes to buying baking ingredients and equipment, the list is endless. According to the preference of every baker, the most essential items should be shortlisted. The above baking essentials are the most common choices of professional bakers. These are easily available in local as well as online stores. To buy these items in a large proportion, one can order them as wholesale baking supplies. It helps the buyer with an opportunity to offer more competitive rates for the customers. Also, looking for a local wholesale bakery can help a buyer to ensure fresh ingredients and save on transportation costs.

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