4 Best Living Room Paint Colours to Watch Out for in 2022


Your living room is the first room your guests see as soon as they enter your home. It also happens to be one of the high traffic areas of your home. It is the place where you will entertain your friends and family and most likely be the room where you spend a peaceful evening by yourself. Choosing the right hue from the paint catalogue for your living room is hence an important task you can’t take for granted.

Typically, people want their living room to look stylish, inviting, warm and cosy. Are you struggling to decide on a colour for your living room design? Fret not, we have brought to you 4 chic interior paints for your living room.

  1. Light grey 

Light grey is a colour which is gaining popularity in 2022 and we are here for it. It’s a perfect hue for your living room if you want your living room to look elegant and minimalistic. No matter what your house style is, light grey will serve as a great living room colour choice.

If you are sceptical of using light grey through your living room, you can go for a light grey and white colour combination. When it comes to the décor elements, you can either go for neutral colours like white and black or introduce bursts of colours into your space through your rugs, linens and other décor pieces.

  1. Lilac

People who want to ditch the neutrals and make their living room appear fun and playful must consider painting their walls lilac. Lilac represents optimism, positive energy and joy. It instantly makes your space look light and airy.

Many people are considering this hue for their living room as this muted pastel colour acts as a perfect backdrop for statement furniture and large artwork. A pro living room design tip is to use pops of white and metallic throughout your living room as they look great with lilac. 

  1. Soft neutrals 

We can never get bored of neutrals. People who are not a big fan of the bright neutrals can consider going for soft or warm neutral interior paints like ivory, beige and off white for their living room. The best part about going for soft neutrals is that they are extremely versatile and almost go with every style of the house.

It is hard to go wrong with neutrals as they are very forgiving and instantly make your space look chic and put together. Soft neutral walls allow the décor elements in your room to be the showstopper in the room. So, if you want to decorate your living room with statement furniture pieces and larger than life artwork, then you must consider using soft neutral colours for your walls.

  1. Earthy tones

With the chaotic last few years, it isn’t surprising that people are leaning towards earthy tones and seeking to add elements of nature into their space. We are talking about soft greens, pale blues, sandy greys, terracotta, olive and other muted hues. If you want your living room to have a serene feel to it, then don’t think twice and pick an earthy tone for your living room.

These nature-inspired interior paints instantly make your space radiate a calm and tranquil vibe and help you transform your space into your sanctuary.

Remember your living room connects multiple rooms. Hence, you must choose a versatile colour for your living room which will look cohesive with the colours that you choose for the adjoining rooms of your home.

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