4 Best Online Casino Games 2019 to Win More Money

With the easy availability of the internet, the popularity of online gambling has risen high. Today, online gambling in popular websites such as Ufakick is a big part of the betting industry, No longer do we need to physically go to crowded casinos and stand in queues to place our bets and with the help of a few simple clicks, our job is done.

The main aim of gambling is to win and win as much money as possible. Whether you are an amateur gambler or an experienced one, it is always nice to play casino games with a low house edge, so that you can win more money. House edge means the mathematical advantage that the gambling game (therefore the casino) has over you. The lower the house edge of a casino game, the better it is for the gambler.

Here are the 4 best online casino games in this regard:

  1. Single Deck Blackjack

This is a card game that has possibly the lowest house edge- starting from 1.5%. This blackjack variant with a single deck (52 cards) has improved chances of you winning. You will need a basic strategy, and manage bankrolls properly to increase your chances of winning the money you had bet as well as some more from the casino.

  1. Three Card Poker

Online poker is very popular among gamblers and this is one of its many variants. Three card pokers are popular not only because of the low house edge -starting from 1.5%- that it offers but also because of its speed. In this game, the dealer hands out three cards to each one of the players and also to the house (casino).

  1. Baccarat

Baccarat is a basic strategy game that offers a pretty low house edge, starting from 1.5%. If you just want to have some fun with gambling and you don’t want too many complexities, this game is great for you. You can bet on any of the three options- the player’s side, the banker’s (dealer’s) side or for a tie. This game is great for beginners as you don’t have to do much work yourself. Baccarat is known as a sophisticated game that used to be a royal favorite, yet it is very simple to learn. Also, online baccarat is offered at a variety of limits so that everyone can enjoy this game. You will need to know the card distribution rules of Baccarat, and it’s best to bet on the Player if you want to win more money for yourself, as the Banker bet (bet on the dealer) has a fee attached to it.

  1. Craps

For this casino game, the house edge ranges between 5% and 1.4%. This is a dice game where the players can place their bets in many ways. To make wins, the player needs to get specific number combinations, and you also need to be aware of the basic rules and have some simple skills. Although players sometimes don’t prefer playing this because it involves a lot of rules, don’t forget that compared to most other casino games, craps has one of the lowest house edges. The house edge of don’t pass and don’t come bets is as low as around 1.4%.

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