Avoiding The Trouble and Pain of Tooth Removal

There are many reasons that can lead up to tooth decay, infection, also called an abscess. Eating excessive sweets, unclean teeth habits and sometimes genetic reasons may lead to decay or infection, especially in kids. Kids tooth extraction is tricky and must be effectively checked. The reasons for the tooth extraction can be an infection or the availability of a cavity that is far from being filed or crowded. These situations call up for extraction.

Kids tooth extraction is also done to relieve the crowding and to set braces. It is common in kids to get un-arranged, crowded teeth. In such situations putting on braces can be an efficient way to avoid the pain of doing it in later years.

Reasons for the removal of baby teeth

The baby teeth are supposed to fall out between the ages of 6 to 12, However, in some cases, these teeth don’t fall out and leave a cavity. In cases like this, the tooth has to be extracted. The removal is done as soon as possible to avoid the suffering of the kid. Since if the teeth are not removed, it can lead to pain, infection, and swelling.

Get it checked right away, in case of pain

 Parents seem to find it normal if a child is complaining of a little pain. In many cases, if the cavity is big and approaching the central nerve. It can end up causing excess pain. Especially if the kid is consuming water or food. If the cavity is left unattended it may enter the nerve that will lead to random pain and a continuous ache for the child.

If the cheek and the lips seem swollen, it needs immediate attention. In some cases, these situations require immediate tooth extraction, which can prove life-threatening for a child.


The painless process of removal

Clinics often carry on the kid’s tooth extraction after providing laughing gas to calm them. It is the priority to make the child calm and comfortable. This in turn reduces the tension and anxiety of the child. The use of an anesthetic gel is the start of the procedure, followed by applying local anesthesia and completing the numbing process. The child will be shown and explained about what they feel. At last, the tooth will be extracted smoothly, without causing any pain.

The child will be numb for two hours after the extraction, the parents are advised to give the child pain medication as soon as reaching home. The idea is to give the medication right before the numbness goes away.


Kids tooth extraction may seem hectic but it can be done smoothly with no pain. Parents must follow all the given instructions and especially after the extraction. Like the kid must not use a sipper, straw and avoid spitting for at least a day. If a child is complaining of a toothache and the cheek seems swollen, it is advised to immediately contact the dentist and get it checked.

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