Curing The Boredom Of Your Pet While On The Road


If you have a pet and need to be on the road, you can either leave it with a neighbour or friend or take it along with you. At times you may feel that you should take the pet along. If this is the case, you need to ensure that the pet is not bored during the trip. Long trips can be frustrating for pets and they can begin to whine. Here are some ways to cure your pet’s boredom while on the road.

Give Them A Toy

Your pet may have a favourite toy, look for this and take it along. You can also give them rubber toys to chew so that they can do so when they are tired or bored. It will give them something to do. Most pets will fall asleep but if the journey is too long, they will not be able to sleep all the way through. A toy will keep them occupied when they are awake.

Have Stops Often

Make stops around pet-friendly areas. These will allow you to let the pet out to roam for a bit. You can have them on a leash if you are afraid of them running away. Exploring will make them feel excited because of the new environment. Remember your pets love to explore. The stop will also give them a chance to relieve their bladder. You do not want them doing it in the car.

Give Them A Bone To Chew On

Your pet will have something to keep them occupied if they have something to chew. Make sure that you do not give them too much food too often during the journey because they may end up defecating in the car. A bone is enough to keep them from getting bored. This idea may work for some cats but most cats will not chew when travelling because they feel anxious due to the movement. 

Put Them In Something With A View

If your pet can look around and see the surroundings then they will not get too bored. They will have something to distract them. You can look for a crate that has holes that they can look out of. Pets like dogs do not like to be kept in the dark too long. They will probably start barking when they get frustrated. You can put pets like cats in a box with holes that they cannot fit in (especially kittens), but that they can look through and see what is going on.

Feed Them During Stops

If the journey s too long the pet will get hungry and bored. You can feed them during stops with food that is not too wet lest they end up peeing all over the back of the car. If you have a cat, you can feed it wet cat food. To see the best wet cat food, check You can get information on the wet cat food for various ages of cats.

Remember to observe the pet and listen to them. If they are restless you should make a stop and let them out for a bit.

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