Different Kinds of Business Forms and Their Formation Requirement and Process


Once a business idea gets formed, the process of a business formation begins to ensure complete legality. The various business formation requirements need to be met to prevent the businesses from rubbing shoulders with the law once it begins operations. Law 4 Small Business has well laid down procedures to help form the different business forms. Different businesses have varying requirements during their formation, which sets each form different from the other. The requirements for the various forms of business include:

Limited Liability Company

A well-defined business structure and formation to form a business comes in handy to protect you and your company.  A limited liability company (LLC) is a corporate entity where the owners get limited liability in most circumstances involving the company. The LLC is registered at the state level, and when well-managed, the LLC itself becomes liable to the business debts, liabilities, and obligations. This kind of business provides liability protection, tax advantages, flexibility, and survivability for the owners, among other benefits. Law 4 small business has made it easy for you to start this form of business since all you require is a company name and a physical mailing address and fill an easy LLC formation questionnaire.

Foreign LLC

A foreign LLC is one company registered in two or more states to be lawfully allowed to conduct business in both states. However, your company’s tax status could complicate your company taxes; thus, it becomes necessary to consult a tax professional to understand better how the foreign LLC works. To form a foreign business LLC, your business needs to get reviewed by a licensed attorney, name availability verification done, proper filing with the state of your choice, and fifteen minutes of free question and answer with an experienced LLC attorney. Once all the requirements are fulfilled, Law 4 Small Business can easily create a foreign LLC business.


Corporations are very popular because they offer the maximum growth potential over the other business entities. The popularity is because it is a business that can sell stocks to attract investors. The business owners become allowed to act as one entity, and the business provides prestige, flexibility, liability protection, and tax treatment that corporations offer. The requirements to form a business corporation include articles of incorporation, authorization of shares, board of directors, stated business purpose, a structure, and a registered agent with a physical mailing address. Once all the requirements are obtained, the business gets registered, and operations are set into action.

Anonymous LLC

Anonymous LLC is a form of business where the company owners don’t get publicly identified by the state. The business gets established by the law firm establishing itself as the organizer and registered agent being the only specific information contained within the Articles of Organization that gets published By the state to form a business. However, anonymity is not absolute as it doesn’t prevent the business from paying taxes or hiding ownership information from the bank or IRS.

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