How to Choose the Ideal Braces – A Quick Look Through


Be it spacing, overbites, underbites, unmatched dental midlines, etc. – Orthogenic has evolved and caters to almost every problem which an individual can encounter. However, similar to the wide number of issues braces can solve, the choice of braces varies too. After all, it’s a matter of one’s appearance, and none would like to compromise the same.

Now, depending on the type, the cost of braces in Arizona or that of any other area varies too. In addition, an individual needs to invest some time in researching and knowing the best-fit braces so that he/she can smile without any reluctance. This post caters as a guide to choosing the best braces which can serve the purpose of bringing an ever-desired beautiful smile.

Types of braces – The prevalent ones

  1. Metal

Probably, these stainless-steel traditional braces are something everyone is aware of. These metal braces put equal pressure on teeth to move them in the perfect direction with the help of an archwire and brackets attached to teeth.

  • Ceramic

For many individuals, metal braces might not be ideal as they are completely visible and may let one feel hesitant to interact with others around. In such cases, one can opt for ceramic braces, or in other words, invisible braces. These are tooth-colored ceramic brackets that are hard to notice for anyone around you while it’s getting the job done.

  • Lingual

Almost opposite to the style of metal braces, lingual braces are customized, and the brackets are fitted to the contour of each tooth from the inside joined with wire. This process is efficient enough; however, the process takes a handsome time as each of the brackets is customized as per the patient’s condition.

Talking about maintenance, cleaning these braces can be a little daunting. On the other hand, as it involves customizations, the cost of braces in Arizona or that of any other area is a bit expensive compared to the traditional (metal) and ceramic ones. Though, the cost might not be a barrier for self-conscious people as they might not want to compromise on their looks, especially in the workspace.

  • Invisalign

Invisalign can be an ideal option for most patients, as it’s invisible, comfortable, and takes only around two weeks to perfectly realign the teeth. It frees one from the hassles of wearing metal parts, which at times get rubbed with the gums and inside mouth. It’s a set of plastic trays which can be removed for eating and cleaning.

Which one to choose?

Well, it’s not just the appeal of the braces, but factors like cost, results, and hygiene are some factors that can influence one’s decision to make a move.

Talking about the looks, worrying about the same can be something unnecessary, as traditional braces are not going to be there for a lifetime. It’s a matter of a few days, and this shouldn’t let anyone feel underconfident or embarrassed while being around people. However, if aesthetics is something one can’t compromise on, ceramic and lingual braces can be an ideal option.

On the other hand, the cost of braces in Arizona or anywhere globally varies depending on their type. Therefore, one should look for a feasible option, which suits the budget and does the job. With the evolution of orthodontics, the final results of all the braces are pretty commendable. It’s just the technology, materials, time elapsed in labs that varies the prices. 


I hope, this post can be a stepping stone for readers to start researching and analyzing the best-fit braces for him/her. Apart from one’s research, one should also consult with the medical practitioner for suggestions as per their condition, as he/she will be spending the rest of their life with the final results of braces.

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