Pros & Cons of Using Concrete Roofing Tiles


When it comes to roofing options, homeowners have a ton of options to choose from. There are a lot of factors that contribute to this choice, including a budget, weather conditions, styles and preferences, and availability, among others. One of the most popular options is a concrete tile roof. A good percentage of homeowners tend to go for this type of roofing tiles, and it is easy to see why they are so popular based on the advantages alone. If you’re in the process of constructing your dream home and are considering sticking concrete tiles on the roof, then this is for you. Below are some of the pros and a few cons of concrete roofing tiles to help make your decision easier.


Compared to other roofing materials, concrete roofing tiles are by far one of the most cost-effective. You are set to spend less on concrete tiles from the initial purchase costs to other things like labor and maintenance costs than any other material. Plus, they give you value for money because, despite the low cost, they are very durable and perform their functions as required. 

Fire Resistant

Another advantage of concrete tiles is the fact that they are resistant to fire. As a result of their immense strength and density, it is tough for them to catch any flames in case of a fire. This is an amazing safety feature that guarantees your property’s structure will be maintained in the event of a gruesome fire. 

Sustainability Factor

With everything that is happening to our planet with pollution and global warming, sustainability has never been more important. Concrete tiles are one of the most sustainable construction materials because none of the elements contained have been extracted using environmentally damaging manufacturing techniques and materials. In addition, concrete doesn’t release any harmful chemicals to the atmosphere when exposed to extreme temperatures, so you don’t have to worry about pollution in the long term. Concrete can also be made from recycled materials, which is just amazing for the environment.


Concrete is very versatile, which makes it relatively easy to work with. Your roof plays a huge role in the aesthetics of your house and the curbside appeal, so the fact that concrete is easily customizable is a plus. With a wide selection of different styles and colors, you can easily make your home unique with the help of a concrete tile roof



One of the biggest cons of concrete tiles is their weight. Concrete is generally a heavy material, so installation can be a little tricky. First of all, the roof needs to be reinforced to support this weight, and you might also have to alter the house’s structure towards something more supportive. They are also very poorly resistant to harsh weather and can quickly lose their aesthetic appeal when exposed to rain and direct sunlight.

Hopefully, that information was helpful enough, and you can now determine whether concrete is the best material for you. In case of any inquiries, don’t hesitate to consult a professional.



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