Rental Changes: Coliving Is The Trend Of The Future

Coliving is a modern concept for working people. So-called digital nomads live and work together and develop the innovations of tomorrow. The number of freelancers has increased by 400,000 people in the past 10 years, a growing customer group for the housing industry with specific requirements. This poses challenges for the housing industry in particular and, at the same time, offers opportunities for new rental concepts.

The Essentials In Brief:

  • The idea for co-living originated in California and is now also arriving in major German cities such as Berlin and Hamburg
  • Leisure and job increasingly mix and allow more flexibility
  • The housing industry has to react particularly to new buildings and renovations
  • The key point of access control: modern life requires innovative key management

Opportunity For The Housing Industry

This development of the work mentality not only affects the requirements of the modern job market. Opportunities are opening up, especially for the real estate industry and this company is here to provide the best for you. Suitable areas for coliving must be created.

Increasing Tenant Satisfaction: Coliving For Residents

If you pay a lot of money for your place in the work and living community, you can expect a modern environment in a prime location. This means a new business model, especially for the housing companies in major cities.

Increased Flexibility: Versatile Use Of Space

Coliving also fits into another trend in the real estate industry: the same building is increasingly being used in different ways. Areas must be built up modularly and be able to adapt to the needs of residents or coworkers. In addition, the use of space will increase in such a way that the same area can be used in very different ways. Coworking spaces are also places for events, workshops, and parties.

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