Step-By-Step Guide For Specimen Management Solutions

Specimen management offers innovative solutions to laboratories enabling them to thrive in today’s healthcare environment. It has a wide array of scopes, from kit management, inventory management, and specimen and supply logistics, to client management technology. In addition, the specimen management solution seeks to revolutionize the healthcare environment by providing sustainable and hassle-free lab couriers, including in remote areas.

What is Lab Courier Management?

Lab courier management is part of a comprehensive web-based solution that assists laboratories management for all critical specimen transport functions such as courier scheduling, route management, supply tracking, specimen reconciliation and reporting.

Laboratory courier management can be enhanced using many specimen management solutions to improve laboratory equipment’s seamless movement and delivery. The following is a guide for comprehensive lab courier management;

Easily Schedule Courier jobs.

Before conducting lab couriers, the first view maps show courier’s location to ease the logistic process. Also, generate reports that provide a summary of deliveries and pickups, and stay informed about the arrival and departure times at job locations.

Intuitive Mobile Application Convenience

  • Generate real-time client supply orders
  • Track supply deliveries and specimen pickups
  • Improve courier routing, tracking and communication
  • Navigate from current location to next job

Capture Accurate, Real-Time Information

  • Eliminate paperwork by using mobile forms to record supply deliveries, specimen pickups, inventory usage, customer signatures or custom information
  • Communicate with couriers through messaging center
  • Proactively track supply deliveries and specimen pickups
  • Easily reconcile specimens and record any discrepancies

Creating Powerful Summaries and Reports

  • Import reports into back-office systems to assess productivity, job costing, expense management and more
  • Track performance metrics for couriers
  • View reports for specimen pickup discrepancies

Improve Service Levels

  • Increase processing efficiencies through route optimization
  • Create and update jobs from the web console
  • Easily send job updates to couriers automatically when the previous job is completed, or create recurring jobs

Quickly Generate ROI

  • Analyze pickup and delivery times to reduce cost
  • Create reports to analyze trends and improve business performance
  • Improve courier utilization to reduce expense and generate revenue.

How do Specimen Management Solutions Benefit Businesses?

Specimen management solution provides a web-based technology platform designed to help businesses manage their lab couriers, including clients’ pre-analytical supply and specimen management needs. It enables business owners to make better decisions and enhances efficiency. The following is how specimen management solution benefits businesses;

Client Management

It improves client communication, service level, and relationship with the business. This is due to comprehensive client management tools to manage their data, critical logistical needs, and automated email notifications for supply and shipment alerts to eliminate inconvenience.

Order Management

It aims to reduce supply costs by improving service with an advanced order management module. This enhances client, and patient-specific order processing gives access to detailed order history and sets order quantity limits and required order approval.

Distribution Management

It manages supply and reports distribution through carrier and lab couriers to reduce shipping costs and labor. It also leads to easy management of distribution activities.

Specimen management

Effective management of all specimens received and for accurate inventory and receipt log. This guarantees detailed specimen receipt and tracking, providing visibility for one’s peace of mind.

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