Tips for Choosing Healthcare Art

Healthcare is generally associated with medicines, surgeries, treatments, and therapies. Most people who come to hospitals and other medical clinics to get treated get discharged in a few days. However, some get stuck in those buildings for days on end without any hopes of recovery. For people like these, the surroundings of the hospital have a huge impact on their well-being.

The healthcare art is a great way of reinforcing positive energy via the surroundings of a hospital. The presence of art in hospitals is proven to benefit the patients. In fact, in a 2011 study carried out by the University of London, it was found that the emotional and physical effects of a subject looking at a gorgeous piece of painting were similar to when they looked at a loved one. These effects led them to increase their blood flow by 10% due to their brain’s response to joy. These three tips will help medical professionals to choose the right art for their hospitals.

Art Based on Nature

Few studies have declared that most patients prefer art that resembles realistic scenes of picturesque natural sceneries. Patients especially prefer paintings with a lot of greenery, lush green sceneries that invoke a sense of nostalgia and comfort. Landscape healthcare art reminds them of the times they spent being close to nature and thus feeling motivated and encouraged to heal themselves and thrive like the tree-filled forests.

This is the same reason why paintings with snow or the ones depicting harsh weather conditions are not recommended to be put up in hospitals. They are infamous for provoking stress and depressive thoughts in patients who are already struggling to remain positive.

Right Color Schemes

Color can make a person feel differently. For instance, cool-toned colors like blues and sage green can invoke tranquility and calmness, while vibrant oranges and reds might result in anxiety for some people. Thus, it is recommended to choose artwork with a balance of neutral-toned and cool-toned colors in it.

Prevent Abstract Art

Abstract art is known to get people to think about what it means as this specific type of art is open to numerous different interpretations. While this kind of art can be interesting for museums and corporate places, it is not ideal for healthcare art. Instead of adding to the patient’s comfortability, abstract art will adversely affect it and instead cause anxiety. Most pieces of abstract art are created to challenge the viewer to make the aptest interpretation, but it might negatively impact the patient. It is better to stick with simple paintings that will relax the patient and make their experience more pleasant.


Any dull and mundane hospital can be transformed into a positive and rejuvenating place by strategically placing beautiful artworks in it. Choosing the right kind of art for medical facilities is important when considering its impact on the patient’s mental and physical health.

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