Tips to Help You Choose the Best Bathroom Mirrors for Your Home

Installing mirrors in a small bathroom is one of the best techniques to make the space appear larger. However, mirrors are not just an essential part of small bathrooms but also large bathrooms. Just by adding mirrors to a setup, you can change its appearance significantly. Further, you will easily find various types of mirrors featuring modern amenities like LEDs and even built-in clocks. Also, you will find them in various sizes and shapes to give your bathroom interiors an interesting look. By adding a mirror that complements the interior design, you can significantly enhance the aesthetic appeal. Mentioned below are a few tips that will help you to pick the right mirror for your bathroom design:

01 of 05 The mirror design must complement the bathroom design

Although it may seem easy, choosing a mirror for your bathroom can be quite difficult. Before choosing the mirror design, you have to first decide the bathroom decor you want. All types of mirror designs might not complement the look of your bathroom. For instance, in a traditional bathroom design, you should consider hanging a large mirror that features a timeless design to blend in with the bathroom design. On the other hand, the frameless mirrors with various features look better in modern bathroom designs. You can consider hanging one of those unusually shaped mirrors as well.

02 of 05 Pay attention to the size of the mirror

While choosing a mirror, you must pay attention to the size. You should never opt for a mirror that might appear too large or too small for your bathroom. It will diminish the overall appeal of the bathroom. Experts always suggest measuring the place a few times before choosing the mirror. This will help to understand the right mirror size for your bathroom. If you have a small bathroom, hanging a mirror can be difficult owing to the limited free space. You can increase the functionality of your bathroom by opting for a mirrored cabinet for extra storage in small bathroom designs if necessary.

03 of 05 Wall mirrors or single mirrors

Want the wow-factor in your bathroom? Consider opting for wall mirrors. Built-in mirrors look great in modern bathroom designs. These mirrors are statement pieces and give your bathroom design a more elegant look. However, this is not for everyone. Many people do not like wall mirrors in the bathroom and they choose a single mirror for the vanity. Single mirrors are very common in bathrooms and are found in both modern and traditional bathroom designs. You can be bold with the mirror design or just stick to traditional styles depending on your preferences.

04 of 05 Choose mirrors with unique features

There are various mirrors available in the market with modern features. For instance, you can choose mirrors that feature LEDs to light up a space. Many mirror designs come with an in-built clock as well. If you have a habit of taking showers in warm water, you must have faced issues with mirror misting. Many modern mirrors are available in the market that come with demisting features. This prevents the mirror from misting. With so many options and choices of mirrors to enhance and upgrade the aesthetic appeal of the space, you can easily find the one that complements your bathroom design.

05 of 05 A traditional mirror or a modern one?

One of the biggest confusions that most people face is while choosing between a traditional mirror design and a modern mirror design. Modern frameless mirrors are an excellent choice if you are looking for space-saving options with a unique appeal. Also, consider buying a frameless mirror if you are looking for budget-friendly options. Most experts reckon that these are ideal for modern bathroom designs. On the other hand, framed mirrors have a more traditional appeal. These can feature very elaborate and intricate designs that will surely attract the eyes of your guests. You can use these statement pieces to add an antique feel to your bathroom decor. Compared to modern mirrors, these are quite larger and tend to be quite expensive. If you do not want to opt for ostentatious mirrors, choose mirrors with small frames.

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