Top Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Divorce Lawyer


A divorce is a bold step to take in any marriage. A divorce is a daunting exercise that asserts your physical and emotional wellness.

Hiring a Waxahachie divorce attorney is one of the best decisions you can make for a successful outcome. A family, colleague or relative may suggest a divorce lawyer they know. However, it pays to do your assignment based on the circumstances surrounding your case.

Why should you meet your divorce lawyer before hiring them?

  • What is your experience with divorce cases?

How many divorce cases has the attorney dealt with in the past? You do not want to hire a new professional in your divorce. A seasoned divorce lawyer has handled several other clients and understands the tweaks and tricks of such cases. It is critical to determine your success with the lawyer you hire before engaging them in your divorce pursuits. If dissatisfied with one attorney, check with other firms for a reputable lawyer.

  • How many cases have you sorted out of court

Settling a divorce case out of court is a welcomed option. Reaching a compromise avoids prolonged agreement with the other party and unnecessary drama.  A divorce case is a painful experience both emotionally. Therefore, hiring a divorce lawyer with a record of settling claims out of court is an added advantage.

  • What is your success rate with collaborative divorce

A collaborative approach is a non-aggressive means of settling a divorce with the other party. It keeps the expected ugly part of a divorce process out of the procedure. Therefore, you and your partner can remain friendly throughout the process to reach a reasonable agreement on the various issues that require settlement during the divorce process.

What is the estimated cost of a divorce case?

You can ask your attorney for an estimated cost of your case. However, do not expect a definite answer because the response significantly depends on the conflicts in your case. Beware of any lawyer who quotes a low price because it indicates their dishonesty and lack of experience.

What is your experience with family court judges?

Find out from your friends and relatives about the performance of your preferred divorce lawyer. The divorce attorney you choose should have a good reputation. What are his strengths and weakness? For instance, if he has a record of losing custody cases, you’re also likely to fail if you desire to keep your children in the divorce case.

What is your negotiation’s bottom line?

Does the divorce attorney prefer mediation or negotiation? If you prefer negotiation while your lawyer is poor at it, you will likely not agree. It pays to hire a lawyer who aligns with your approach to problems. Disagreeing with your divorce lawyer is a bad sign for your case; therefore, find out if they prefer negotiation or mediation.


 A divorce attorney is as good as their previous performance. Therefore, ask relevant questions before settling for the best talent to handle your divorce. You can also ask friends, relatives and other lawyers to refer you to experienced divorce attorneys. The lawyer you hire should align with and exceed your expectations.

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