Using Whipped Cream Dispensers The Right Way


The whipped cream chargers have become an indispensable element in the food industry. The majority of the chefs, especially those who specialize in different desserts make use of whipped cream dispensers. The market is flooded with a wide array of wholesale whip cream chargers, making it easy for homeowners to own one and use it as well.

What is a whipped cream charger?

It is a device made of stainless steel , or aluminum, used to pressurize the canister to dissolve the gas into liquids instantly. The charger depends on the 8-gram gas bulbs to operate. The valve of the charger opens with the pressing of the lever. The liquid is forced out of the nozzle of the whipped cream dispenser. The high pressure exerted expands the bubbles instantly and thereby the liquid transforms into a foam, mousse, or whipped cream form.

Generating whipped cream using the whipped cream charger

It is recommended to utilize thick or whip cream available in the stores. The cream is said to contain fat content, ranging from 25% to 35%, which is considered optimal. When charging the whipped cream dispenser into the canister, the dispenser will dissolve the cream fat instantly. Once the lever is pressed, there is a pressure that expands the nitrous oxide used to expand the fat molecule, dispensing the whipped cream.

This is one of the prime reasons the amount of whipped cream is almost four times when whipped cream chargers are used. Whipping cream manually via hand, won’t produce more than half the amount. Investing in good-quality wholesale whip cream chargers is an excellent option to consider.

Steps to use whipped cream dispensers

The following steps mentioned will help anyone with no or limited knowledge to use whipped cream chargers like a pro.

  •         The very first step is to begin the recipe and put the charger on a flat surface.
  •         One must screw the dispenser’s head off the container.
  •         This is followed in the third step where the desired syrup, liquid, or extract is poured.
  •         Now, the head of the dispenser must be screwed back.
  •         It is recommended to take the whipped cream charger and put it in the charger holder
  •         The charger holder must be screwed onto the dispenser pin until the gas escaping the nozzle is heard.
  •         Furthermore, the dispenser must be shaken properly to mix the gas with the content inside the dispenser.
  •         Finally, one has to turn the tip of the whipped cream dispenser down and press the lever to disperse mousse or foam.


The presence of whipped cream dispensers has brought a revolutionary transformation in the food industry. The use of nitrous oxide cream chargers enables the liquid to turn into desirable mousse, cream, or foam with the preferred flavor. The presence of the cost-effective wholesale whip cream chargers makes it easier for homeowners with a limited budget to purchase as well. To make the dispenser operate optimally, it is necessary to follow the steps and use them. Furthermore, proper cleaning and maintenance are also recommended.

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