What Do Domestic Violence Lawyers Do?

What is domestic violence all about? People tend to assume that domestic violence is basically physical abuse from a marriage partner. That is not the case; domestic violence can take forms such as:

  • Sexual assault/abuse
  • Psychological abuse
  • Social abuse
  • Harassment
  • Financial abuse
  • Spiritual abuse

Domestic violence is simply anything done to the other partner that can make them lose their sense of safety or self-worth.

Domestic violence lawyers come in handy to help solve these family matters by ensuring everything is solved peacefully. They provide tremendous support to the victim in the following ways:

They Protect the Victim

After a domestic violence incident, the first thing is to protect the victim from the perpetrator. This should happen immediately because some fights can even lead to death. Victims that do not have close friends and family members may get trapped by their partners and consequently suffer for a long time. Domestic violence lawyers advise victims on how to escape the predicaments and find ways to restrain the perpetrator from reaching the victim.

They File Lawsuits and Divorce

On most occasions, victims can be affected to the extent of being hospitalized. A lawyer helps them by filing lawsuits for them where they will be receiving some money for their suffering. If there are any damages, they are also catered for in their payments. As in most cases, victims of domestic violence always opt to divorce. Why should they stay in a marriage where their life is at risk? Domestic violence lawyers clearly explain how they can free themselves from abusive marriages.

They Help In Getting Child Custody

According to research, a higher percentage of victims who choose to stay in their marriages after domestic violence do so for their children. Some perpetrators threaten their spouses to stay away from their children if they divorce. Hence, some choose to remain in abusive marriages as long as they can access their children. A domestic violence lawyer makes it easier for victims to get a child’s custody in the event of a divorce.

They Help in Getting Spousal Support

Another common reason why people stay in abusive marriages is financial benefits. Victims can fear leaving/divorcing because they might lose access to resources, especially if they have children. Lawyers play a significant role in ensuring these victims receive financial support from their spouses. It can be in the form of alimony or child support payments. A team of professionals from Seattle domestic violence defense law firm takes care of such issues.

They Represent the Victim in Court

The sole purpose of a lawyer in any domestic violence incident is to represent the victims in court. The impact the lives of the affected party by addressing the court and pleading on their behalf. At least the victim can get time to relax, heal and move on. Luckily, domestic violence lawyers understand what their clients go through. Most of them are particularly empathetic and provide emotional support to them too.

Domestic violence can cause emotional and physical pain. Seeking legal help as a domestic violence victim? Contact Seattle domestic violence defense law firm to fight for you all the way from the investigation to the hearing and finally to the trial.

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