What is Covered in a Corporate Travel Insurance Cover?


If you fly frequently, you must be aware that unexpected events can happen during a trip. For example, your flight can get delayed or cancelled, you might end up losing your luggage on transit, your passport may get stolen, and there might be hundreds of other mishaps that could knock you off your schedule. But during work travel, even the smallest inconveniences can make you cost your business.

Corporate travel insurance can come in handy during such sticky situations. So, what exactly is this kind of travel policy? Let’s find out more about it below.

What is Corporate Travel Insurance?

The corporate travel insurance plan options are available in abundance online. So, which one to choose for yourself? How to figure out which insurer will provide you with the right corporate travel insurance quote? The answer is research. So, when you start researching travellers’ insurance corporate policies online, you will be overwhelmed with options.

If you compare travel insurance plans well in advance, you will end up getting hold of the best one that’s available. However, as business trips play a huge role in any corporate executive’s life, it is imperative to figure out something that works for you. The best corporate travel policy should offer you complete coverage during your business trip.

Inclusions in a Corporate Travel Insurance Plan

When choosing corporate travel insurance, you must ensure that the below-listed pointers are taken into consideration by the insurer:

  • Medical Emergency Evacuation

This feature will not cover your medical expenses but will take care of your transportation costs in case of any medical emergency. For example, suppose you need to be evacuated by air or escorted by a medical team or require oxygen cylinders in transit due to poor health conditions. In that case, your chosen corporate travel plan will cover that.

  • Trip Cancellation

Suppose your business trip is cancelled due to unavoidable reasons like illness, bad weather conditions, bankruptcy, accidental injury, etc. In that case, your insurer covers all your pre-paid expenses related to the trip.

  • Delay or Loss of Baggage

This will include your costs for losing your essentials or your luggage during transit. Also, in case your baggage reaches late while you are already at your destination, your corporate travel policy will take care of all the hassles. If you lose any expensive equipment or gadgets like tabs or laptops, your travel plan covers that.

  • Medical Expenses

Your corporate travel insurance covers every medical expense that you may incur during your trip. It also helps you locate hospitals or doctor’s clinics nearby and assist you throughout.

  • Miscellaneous Expenses

If you need to rent out any equipment or avail courier services, etc., during the trip, certain corporate travel insurance plans will cover them as well. In addition, some travel policies also cover hijack distresses.

Why Do You Need a Corporate Travel Policy?

So, if you are thinking about whether you should opt for a corporate travel plan or not, keep in mind these below-mentioned pointers to be sure.

  • For senior executives: If you are a senior executive in a firm or if you are a proprietor, or if you are a business partner or a board member, your business dealings will have a direct financial impact on your company’s growth. Hence, a corporate travel insurance policy should guard your business travels against all odds.
  • Small business owner: If you have just started with your own business or dealing with a tight budget for your all-new firm, you cannot waste a single penny as compensation for a business trip gone wrong. This is because every wasted note will add up significantly to your annual budget. Thus, travel insurance is important to protect yourself from financial losses while you are on a business trip.
  • Frequent travelling needs: If you are in a position where you need to travel frequently for business meetings and seminars, you will need to safeguard your travel for that. This is because your random travel mishaps can have a cascading impact on your corporate growth.

Finally, whether you are a seasoned traveller or just starting, you will need a travel insurance policy to keep financial losses at bay.


Most of the corporate travel insurance policies will not cover short-term travel. Also, certain travel plans will not provide coverage for people of a certain age, i.e., older travellers. Unlike a car or two-wheeler insurance policy, a corporate travel insurance plan isn’t mandatory for business officials. However, it is important. If you have a valid corporate travel insurance policy in place, you can ensure a safe and monetarily backed trip every time you book your tickets for a business trip. So, make sure that you have opted for a suitable policy before boarding your next flight, as it will save you some hiccups later in life.

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